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NIS Managed Services
NIS Managed Services Provides End-to-End Management of IT Operations and Infrastructure

In today’s business world, speed and agility are essential. Organizations are continually facing challenges in scaling and managing their Information Technology infrastructure while effectively reducing costs. IT system security, availability and performance are key components for any successful business.

Use the latest arsenal of IT Remote Management and Monitoring (RIMM) tools available to increase your IT system performance and reliability. Get the benefits of using our staff of U.S. based IT experts and advanced IT management tools for a fixed monthly fee. Outsource specific IT functions to us and we will be responsible for problem identification, problem management and resolution at our Service Centers, 24x7x365.

NIS Managed Services can provide the agility and knowledge you need to manage your IT systems while your IT staff focuses on accelerating core business initiatives while at the same time reducing your total cost of ownership (TCO) for IT systems support.

Get the Professional IT Support You Need

NIS’s 24×7 RIMM Services, using U.S. based IT professionals, spans across industry verticals in order to provide an unbiased and dynamic approach to managed IT support services. We can proactively monitor and manage applications, physical and virtual servers, networks, databases, and storage devices in any private or hybrid cloud environment.

Our expert staff, trained in using these advanced toolsets, get quicker results lowering your costs of outages and maintenance. If you are a business executive that does not want to invest in RIMM staff and infrastructure monitoring capabilities, or an IT executive that is looking to focus on completing strategic IT projects rather than utilize resources for day-to-day IT operations management, give us a call. You can’t reach your business goals if you can’t reach your data.

The Benefits of Using NIS’s Remote IT Infrastructure Monitoring & Management Services Are:
  • Alert and diagnosis of issues before outages occur
  • A reduction in system outages by up to 20%
  • Advanced network scanning tools making sure all critical devices are being monitored
  • Documented increases infrastructure availability
  • Monitoring of more than 180 leading technologies, applications and services
  • An improvement of up to 20% in mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • An improvement of IT staff productivity on strategic IT projects
  • Detailed tracking of key metrics for all SNMP enabled devices, including wireless devices
  • Elimination of “false alerts” by setting baseline alarm thresholds
  • A reduction of labor and capital expenses needed to support IT infrastructure systems
  • Use of NIS skilled IT professionals and advanced IT toolsets
NIS’s Remote IT Infrastructure Monitoring & Management Services Include:
  • Industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLA) customized to fit your needs
  • Use of enterprise quality toolsets and process to monitor and manage networking, server and storage
  • Monitoring and support of IT infrastructure including; security elements, networks, servers, backup, disaster recovery, wireless access points and more
  • Management of CPU, disk utilization, memory, file monitoring
  • Management of Public, Private or Hybrid cloud environments in any configuration over multiple data centers and locations
  • Enterprise-class monitoring tools, software and networking administration tools
  • Application and database monitoring and support
  • Server Administration and optimization
  • Doman registrar and DNS administration
  • Virus, malware and spam protection
  • Load balancing and farm/cluster management
  • Virtual infrastructure management and support
  • Continuous monitoring for database, operating system, and hardware issues
  • Capacity analysis and forecasting
  • Monitoring reports including availability and uptime
  • Management of mobile applications, corporate sites, rich media sites including test and development sites
  • Patching and update management
  • Microsoft & Linux Servers, VMware & Hyper-V virtual environments, Enterprise solutions (i.e. Oracle, Citrix, Siebel, Hyperion), supported
  • Customer visibility to real-time portal monitoring of their full infrastructure stack (circuits, networks, hosts, guests, applications, processes and resource components

NIS provides customized professionally planned, architected and managed IT solutions formulated around each client’s unique environment and needs. Retire old legacy monitoring software and increase IT productivity and reliability.

We provide sensible responsive IT solutions that demonstrate the value of technology. We are committed to providing personal attention and value to every client, every time.